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The 2006 Free Compilation


The Free Mp3 that started them all!
This fantastic collection of music by many of the Cock Rock Disco artists was downloaded a massive number of times and spread like wild fire.  Listen to it again to relive the memories or download it again to fuck shit up.
Total run time: 57:02

1. Food For Animals – Elephants     01:45
This duo from Washington DC deliver like few others, with an unstoppable combination of hardcore hip-hop vocals over adventurous beats liberally sprinkled with crazy noise, sort of like listening to ‘89 era hip-hop through Mudhoney’s broken bass amp.  They are already turning heads across Europe, so expect them to blow up all over when the album drops.

2. About – Think Niles Drink   03:32
Maybe one of the freshest new voices in Indy/pop/electronic music today, Amsterdam’s About brings an amazing debut album that catches you instantly and tortures you with memorable pop hooks. He is currently blazing a trail of critically lauded shows in Europe and I’m not sure if he wants to even go home.

3. Duran Duran Duran – Ralez     04:27
Last year Philadelphia’s Duran Duran Duran surprised and amused many in the press for his bold album cover and moniker, but gained a huge number of fans worldwide for his kick-ass Breakcore sound.  We know some ladies who are already crossing their legs in anticipation of his new album.

4. Dev/Null – Scary     03:57
Boston’s Dev/Null is probably one of the most demanding and most innovative figures in electronic music today. He has basically been working for years on unreleased tracks that have garnered him a huge following online, and won him a headlining spot at the closing party for last years prestigious ARS Electronica. He’ll be finally releasing his first full-length in the early spring, and we expect it to literally change all the rules, again.

5. Next Life – Red Stone     02:02
Basically you are already a massive fan of Next Life and don’t even know it yet. This duo from Oslo, Norway brings you an intense sound we can only call gameboy deathmetal.  They are already winning die-hard fans all over Europe and Scandinavia for their jaw dropping performances. Their debut album is our first release for 2006 and it contains not only 14 amazing tracks, but also a live video of them in action.

6. Stunt Rock – I’ve Really Lost It Because This Shit Is Starting To Sound Like Washed-Up, Half-Assed Fatboy Slim Ripoff With A Twelve Year Old’s Sense Of Humor.     01:50
Living very literally in a shack outside of Chicago, Stunt Rock is part performance artist, part insult comic. His raunchy sample-rock has been winning fans from truck stops to Entertainment Weekly and his stand-up routine really kills ‘em in the casinos!

7. Slepcy – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride     05:23
Poland’s Slepcy have been known in the past for their unrelenting brutal noise assaults, but now they have invented a new style of electronic music that we just don’t know how to define. Some tracks drift towards synth-pop and others towards Breakcore noise, but their country stomper here shows how hard it is to define what the hell they are doing.

8. Audiogarde – Mardi Gras     04:27
More like a man and a half, Oslo’s Audiogarde is half italio-disco hit machine, half troubadour, and half techno rocker.  He’s invented this entirely new but thoroughly retro sound that will surely be featured in every teen magazine from Stockholm to Vancouver. This album has been a long time in the making but we promise you’ll be addicted to it like high quality chocolate.

9. Don Augusto  – The House Denominator Factor     02:53
Don Augusto is from Santiago, Chile and he could possibly be the surprise techno hit of 2006. His album is like a video game where you try to blow up parties with nitroglycerin. In fact the album itself is actually even structured like a video game, but this one actually invites girls to party.

10. Drumcorps – Saddest      01:17
After releasing a 10” on Bong Ra’s new Kriss label, Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre, now in Berlin) has really turned heads in both the breakcore and grindcore scenes. Honestly, he’s making probably the most insane metal mashup that exists today.  It’s actually legit enough for metal fans and electronic enough for Breakcore fans, and if you aren’t into either of those genres, then know this, it’s hard as fuck!!!

11. Vorpal – Gymnopedie_v1.01   03:17
Montreal’s Vorpal is another of our artists who makes baffling, unique music that is very hard to define. Maybe it’s fast, maybe it’s slow, maybe it’s heavy, maybe it’s amazingly light, maybe it’s antiqued, who knows. But we do know that it very maybe is really, really new. Here’s his take on an old standard.

12. Terminal 11 – Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern 03:41
There’s the possible and then there’s the impossible. Phoenix native Terminal 11 makes the impossible every day. His debut album begat overexcited fans dedicated to his matchless style and uncharted technical achievements.  Why this guy isn’t being cloned or sent to the moon we’ll never know.

13. Doormouse – Dizzay   03:14
When he’s not hanging on the beach in Miami, Doormouse is owner/operator of the notorious Addict records. He’s been making music since he was a kid and he practically invented Breakcore; now, he’s taking it to the next level with this big band/swing hurricane.

14. Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriend’s Cunt ‘Til It Bleeds 04:49­­
Pisstank has been fueling the London underground with breakthrough albums for years with his label Irritant Records and before that disturbing many a fragile ego with his brash hardcore noise hi-jinks. Now he’s back and ready to party.

15. The Assdroids – Stravinsky’s “Rite Of Spring” Cover Song (Rehearsal Version)    10:31
We know it’s hard to conceive, but these newest Berlin expats are a super-intense jam-noise-rock duo equally inspired by thrash, contemporary composition, gameboys, and ethnographic music.  Here they show you their “cover” of Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring.  We can’t believe it either.