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DJ Rainbow Ejaculation
Cock Sucker Mix


57.17 minutes of “gayness”



12″ available now on Death$ucker / Cock Rock Disco:

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the Discotechque, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation storms into the Dark Rooms of the nation under one groove with a fist full of lube and an unquenchable taste for man-juice. Easily the gayest record in history, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation’s debut 12” is a shocking display of bad taste smeared with candy-colored vomit. Disco, happy hardcore, gabber, breakcore, and house music all get more chopped into a fancy collage of teenage innocence and knowing innuendo to a throbbing beat of hormones gone wild.

The Dj Rainbow Ejaculation continues in a series of collaborations between England’s Death$ucker records and Cock Rock Disco from Berlin, Germany. Comes dressed up in an incredible mega-color sleeve designed by Belgium’s Sish-Tick.