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Monsters Of Cock Rock Disco Compilation


01. Captain Ahab – Feel Anymore 5:56
02. Assdroids – Do These Diapers Make Me Look Fat? 2:10
03. Vorpal – Downtime 2:58
04. Duran Duran Duran – Year Of The Cock 5:03
05. Nero’s Day At Disneyland – Stately, Wrong 2:44
06. Next Life – The Meat Office 1:30
07. Desper – Basics Sessions – TorG 3:26
08. Dev/Null – Rage Template 4:22
09. Food For Animals – Summer Jam (Ricky Rabbit Remix) 4:02
10. Terminal 11 – In Love With You 4:43
11. Stunt Rock – An Itemized List Found on My Website, Detailing Reasons Why 95% of Musicians on This Compilation have No Artistic Integrity, Pander to Their Audience, Incessantly Glad-Hand Their Peers, Act Self-Important, and have Issues with Their Race and Sexuality. 2:13
12. Otto von Shirach – Satanic Unicorn Orgy 3:13
13. DJ Donna Summer – Chicken Dance 2:28

It’s been 3 years since our last label compilation, lots of things have changed and we decided to do things a little differently this time. Assembled here are all your CRD favorites as well as a few new faces.

Thank you for all your support, and if you enjoy this compilation, then please forward to your friends! We release music in a free format for a reason- to share with people you actually like!

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