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Kaleidoscope Eyes


One of the most original artists in all of electronic music is back with nine new tracks to melt your brain!  Guaranteed to give you faith in humanity again.

1. Just Don’t Know Where I Begin
2. Rotary Slicers
3. Remixofexillon
4. Unicorn Peyote Kaleidoscope
5. 30 Percent Evil (feat. Coppe)
6. Bullets Over Brainwaves
7. Pieces Of Pears (feat. Coppe)
8. In Love With You
9. An Abrupt End

3 – Remix of Exillon
4 – Remix of Treasure Mammal
5 & 7 – From an upcoming album on Coppe’s Mango and Sweetrice label
5 – Features Cello by Burr Gore
8 – Dedicated to Heather, My love