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Ornitorrinco Voador


“Ornitorrinco Voador” means Flying Platypus in Portuguese. The platypus, this exotic animal, is one more of nature’s fine jokes living under the Australian waters. Visually, it appears to be some kind of weasel with duck feet, a beak and a beaver tail. It also has poisonous spurs and lays eggs. Although it may seem like just another cheap sci-fi creature, it’s actually well adapted to its environment. Facing no danger of extinction, it’s a prime example of a world where even the most bizarre ideas can work. And that poisonous spurs always help.

In our post-fucking-everything society, fusing the various aspects of pop culture is probably one of the biggest clichés in art. It’s very easy to find someone pulling inspiration from various places – for example video games, samba, ska rock and science fiction – and mashing it all together with a computer, twisting samples, distorting beats and pretending to be really smart. Just like hundreds of other artists around, spreading bad jokes/revolutions over the internet every day, hour and minute.

This EP that you just downloaded could be just another mash-up, but it’s different. For a simple reason: not every platypus can fly.

My name is Raul, a.k.a Retrigger. I’m a music producer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and have been making weird, ugly and shaking music since 2001. I have released music in every possible format and on several continents.  I have done gigs in many countries and I have drank beer as payment for most of them. I am now releasing this free EP with Cock Rock Disco to entertain all your family. I hope you enjoy it.

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