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The Toilet
Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow


1 Euro Gulagland
2 Sacrebleu, ma merde est bleue!
3 bullshit makes flowers grow
4 pooxel piwer
5 beauty in the ass of the beholder
6 mr brown
7 raining shit
8 sinking in shit
9 the world is my toilet now
10 mental laxatives
11 all i want for christmas is shit
12 im dreaming of a brown christmas
13 shit poo day
14 shitlife + revenge of the shitdemons
15 (s)think for yourself
16 Mythoklash – remix- The Measurement Problem (Why Quantum Physicists Have Tiny Penises)
17 Ljudit feat. The Toilet – santas slaybells
18 Company Fuck feat. The Toilet – vaginas_or_not


A craptastic splatter of all things in all forms, The Toilet unleshes his Grind-Xmas-Smooth-Jazz-Screamo album to celebrate the technicolor birth of the Lord. Contains more screams of pain than your childhood memories and with more hubris than the best Disney film, “Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow” is a hit for the whole family!

Artwork by Pontus Lundkvist – pontuslundkvist@hotmail.com

Shitlife lyrics by Aaron K. Shunga – http://www.aaronshunga.com/

Mythoklash – http://www.mythoklash.net/
Ljudit – http://www.myspace.com/ljuditandersson
Company fuck – http://www.myspace.com/companyfuck

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