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Dirofilaria Immitus


1- heartworm immature invective
2- heartworm larval stage
3- heartworm mosquito vector
4- heartworm adult breeding
5- heartworm live at reactionary, portland oregon

Heartworms go through several life stages before they become adults infecting the heart of the host animal.
Feedback manipulation is a speciality.
Breakbeat destruction is a requirement


Howdy… Thanks for downloading the new album(!!!) For those of you that have been waiting with baited breath, it’s finally here, and i apologize for the wait…

The conceptualization and initial composition of this album occurred in the mountains near the klamath river in california.  Production continued at fak laboratories and slowleak studios in san francisco, with the ever disturbing contributions of 666gangstaz fleshing out the sound.

After a series of delays due to (in this order) beer spilled on laptop, cross platform file recognition and plugin issues, lack of backups from old console, new laptop stolen, etc… I decided to scrap 1/2 of the album and composed the final track using salvaged material and archived recordings of fellow weirdos dna and owlbeemoth, and included a live set from a show in portland where i interpreted and performed the original material.

In the interest of time, i’ve included the wikipedia section on the album’s concept (life cycles of the heartworm, dirofilaria immitus) below. Sorry, i was going to include a lengthy essay but that’d take another week…

Anyhoo. Thanks so much for waiting, and thanks to cockrockdisco for being so patient.
Please feel free to contact me for whatever reason at heartworm@5lowershop.org

Brandon Taylor aka Heartworm.
San Francisco, 1/10/2010