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Fragment King
War On Silence


Compilation featuring rare, out-of-print, exclusive and otherwise unreleased tracks by fragment king. Recorded and produced (unless otherwise noted) by fragment king at White Furnace Lodge for the nexialist organization. CD imagery by nexialist.

Track 1: Unreleased version. Elements of this song were used for the NTT track under the same name, released on NTT: Gospels of the Gash 2xCD (Malignant Records), 2009
Track 2 and 3: Demo versions of tracks for the “Angel Position” sessions, 2008
Track 4: Released on Fragment King: Grey Album CD (Invasion Wreck Chords), 2005
Track 5: Original version 2002, reedited and remastered as part of the “Pathomechanical Studies” sessions, 2009
Track 6: Recorded as part of the “Structural Music” sessions, 2004
Track 7: Originally released on “Tribute to Godflesh” (Nihilistic Holocaust Records) 2004, vocals by Leech (www.Annihilvs.org). Reedited and remastered version, 2010
Track 8: Remixed version of a track from the “Anatomic Music” Sessions, 2004/2009
Track 9: Released on “Nexialist Presents: Simple Things Are Often Monstrous” split-12″ w/ Nexicon (nexialist), 2003
Track 10: Released on “Vivisections” 3″-CDr (Architecture Records/Nexialist co-release), 2002