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Captain Ahab
The Propagation Of The Gospel In Foreign Parts


01 Intro
02 After the Party
03 How 2 Party (Part 1)
04 I Don’t Have a Dick
05 The Litany of Captain Ahab 06 How 2 Party (Part 2)
07 The End of Irony
08 I Can’t Wait for Summer
09 Bossy
10 U Want Me
11 Yet Another Song About the Butthole
12 Was Love
13 Death to False Techno
14 Old Like You
15 The Best Political Party Ever
16 I Can’t Believe It’s not Booty 2010
17 There is Stuff
18 Feel Anymore

More live than live tour diary and exposition of the Captain Ahab phenomenon! Fueled by passion and enough sweat to choke a bear, this is the album you’ve dreamed of in your dreams.