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DJ Donna Summer
Hard Edits 2010


About 2 years ago everyone was taking disco songs and started adding like a kick and a high-hat and calling them edits. I never saw the point of these, as it basically took good music and made it less interesting. But at the same time I liked the idea and figured, “shit, let’s just apply this to something else, and make it better and harder” – and thus: the Hard Edit was born.

The initial idea was to take the brilliance of Hardstyle tracks and make them fit my style a bit more by adding more breaks and club elements. What happened instead, was that these simple edits became almost completely different songs, with many new elements (or even multiple tracks) twisting these into a new songs. But still, most of the melodies are from the originals, so they aren’t really “mine” after all – but they definitely belong to me! An unusual twist, huh…

So here’s the sample list. If I missed something, sorry bout that. You’ll also notice I didn’t exactly go crazy on song titles. haha.

1. Intro:
24 tracks edited into an extremely long and utterly over the top intro

2. Jump:
Ivan Carsten “Jump The Vision

3.Nasty Zatox:
Zatox  Feat. nikkita – Raw Style
DJ Nasty – Up And Down

4. Work Them Bro:
Ramadanman – Work Them
Funtcase – Fuuuuk

5. DJ God
Dj Doc – Children of good NRG

6. We Came Here To Have A Freaky Party
Bloweapon and Toneshifterz – Worlds Collide
Get retarded (Dunno, prob on Databass ?)

7. Fusion Allstars
Fusion Allstars – The Next Level

8. Origins Of Life
Toneshiftersz Meets Nitrouz – Origins Of Life

9. Mutated Doubles
Mutated Forms – Doubts Sour
Slim Shore and B-Front – Scary Noises

10. Bionicle
The r3bels – Bionicle