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DJ Donna Summer
Hard Edits 2014


1 – Intro
2 – Future
3 – Kurgan
4 – Voodoo
5 – Twerkdown
6 – Mother
7 – Master At Werk
8 – Unruly Records – 17 and Older (DJ Donna Summer Remix)
9 – Master Blaster
10 – Transet
11 – Auflen Whip
12 – Shadows


“Part 2 of a project that I had intended to release at the beginning of 2013 but never actually did. (Download part 1 here.)

Some years ago the concept of the “edit” was a big thing, but I never really felt like the music measured up to the hype. To my (biased) ears, many of the tracks were like lazy remixes, but then I figured it was an idea that I could have some fun with too.   I started selecting club and Hardstyle tunes, would speed them up, add a ton of breaks and gabber kicks – and  henceforth: the birth of the “Hard Edit”!  In fact, I think most of the released “Hard Edits” are in fact more like over-produced medleys where the original tracks are only really referenced, but at the same time I’ve not really built them from scratch, so I’m happy to keep them as edits, haha.

The first part of this Hard Edits series was released back in 2010 and was a lot more Hardstyle oriented than those tracks, but I saw a fantastic set by Ed Rush shortly after and his unique take on 2-Step Drum and Bass was a big influence on me for the next year or two.

But like I said, these tracks ARE edits/remixes, so I want to make sure that the original artists get the credit they deserve. Below is the sample list, I’m pretty sure all songs/samples are addressed.”

~ Jason Forrest / DJ Donna Summer
Dec 4, 2014

Track Credits:

1 – Intro:
Mark V and Poogie Bear – Buzzin (Dj Tronic Remix)
Dark Ages – Amnesia Houz
DJ ESP – DJ Drops

2 – Future:
The Count & Sinden – Future (Canblaster Remix)
Current Value & Donny – Revolt And Riot

3 – Kurgan:
Distal – Kurgan
Foul Play Productions – Finest Illusion
Sun Ra Quote

4 – Voodoo:
Surkin – Orbital Motorway Voodoo Mix M2

5 – Twerkdown:
Hermitude ϟ Hyperparadise (Ta-ku Remix)
RackNRuin – Slow Down
Bodice – Underground

6 – Mother:
Para One – Mother (Mr. Oizo remix)

7 – Master At Werk:
Freddo Fuori – Master At Work (Real El Canario Remix – Munchi’s The Ultimate Seduction VIP)

8 – Unruly Records – 17 and Older (DJ Donna Summer Remix)
This was a remix for Scotty B over at Unruly Records. TBH I have no idea if it was ever released or not, but it fits great here, so everyone wins. haha

9 – Master Blaster:
MikeQ – The Master Blaster (Nadus remix)
Gein – Warden (Counterstrike Remix)

10 – Transet:
Lucid – Transet

11 – Auflen Whip:
Karenn – Auflen Whip

12 – Shadows:
Sinjin Hawke – Shadows