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Bullets From Habikino City HxCx


1. Wabisabi Violence 4:13
2. Sex – Drug – Breakcore 5:10
3. Real Accel Core 0:13
4. Warte 4:21
5. Miburounin 2:39
6. Over-Noxious Ax-Grinder 5:22
7. The Opera In Clouds Of Smoke 4:53
8. Jungle Riot 4:16
9. Snake Thief – Add Dub 2:07                Unreleased (2003)
10. King Beat Home 4:01                        Unreleased (2003)
11. Ancient Love Story 4:01                    Unreleased (2003)
12. HATASHIAI Beans Version 4:20    Unreleased (2003)
13. Wedding Disco 3:20                          Unreleased (2003)

Ove-NaXx has been a long-time friend of ours and a part of the global Breakcore scene ever since the early 2000s.   His unique style has always been an inspiration and his wild, unpredictable live shows are legendary.  Straight outta the suburbs of Osaka, Japan, Ove-NaXx was armed with a beat-up MPC, a punk attitude, and an uncanny ability to slice any sound.

“Bullets From Habikino City HxCx” was originally released on DJ Rupture’s Soot label way back in 2003. This is his second official release, but a few of these tracks were also on his self-released first album “Shoot-Accel-Core”.  Ove-NaXx combines, traditional Japanese songs, trash-can beats, even western classical music to create a sound that hits hard.  You get the feeling that literally anything can happen in these songs – and usually does.

We are proud to add 5 previously unreleased songs with this album. They were found on a CDR we had in storage from the same year and we feel they make a release that is impossible to miss. Please share with your friends!

Massive thanks to Dj Rupture for allowing us to re-issue this album.