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Ove Naxx / Various Artists
Bullets From Habikino City HxCx: The REMIXES


1. Ove NaXx – King Beat Home (Melt Unit Remix)
2. Ove NaXx – Wabisabi Violence (KenKo Taiji Remix)
3. Ove NaXx – Sex-Drug-Breakcore (DJ Donna Summer Remix)
4. Ove NaXx – Miburounin (Ove NaXx Acidzombie Remix)
5. Ove NaXx – The Opera IN Clouds of Smoke (Brain Rays Remix)
6. Ove NaXx – Warte (Ambivalence Remix)
7. Ove NaXx – Over-Noxious Ax-Grinder (Captain Raveman Remix)
8. Ove NaXx -Wabisabi Violence (DJ California Crisis Remix)
9. Ove NaXx – Over-Noxious Ax-Grinder (Gelido Remix)
Cover by Droon
Video by Martin Sülzenbach
Masted by Sean Doyle

Earlier this year Cock Rock Disco released Ove NaXx’s classic 2003 album “Bullets From Habikino City HxCx” along with 5 additional unreleased tracks from the same time period. Those that knew it were excited to hear it again (and peep the unreleased stuff) and those that heard it for the first time were filled with a sense of terrified awe. We were surprised by the feedback from a new generation of producers and thought it might be time to rip these old tunes up and give them a dash of 2015. But we never expected to get remixes as fucking incredible as what we’ve been able to collect here…

We are THRILLED to present 9 tracks by old friends and new-school alike – each throwing their unmistakable spin on these classic Ove NaXx tracks. As you’ll hear the remixes range from the rave-footwork styling of Melt Unit and Capt. Raveman to the far-out industrial club of Brain Rays to the absolutely bat-shit crazy DJ California Crisis: Ove Naxx even threw-up a brutal-dub self-remix!! So come on, raise a beer to welcome newcomers (to our label at least) Gelido from Australia, Ambivalence from the Czech Republic, and KenKo Taiji from Japan!! We feel their remixes are among some of the very best we’ve heard in ages!!!

Lastly, a major shout-out to Droon who re-mixed the cover. Everyone know’s he’s the best. HIGH5 to our man Martin Sülzenbach who made the videos that we will post for each track. And many thanks to Sean Doyle (aka Melt Unit) for mastering it all!

And as always – PLEASE SHARE! This music is too goddamn great to live in obscurity!

More about the remixers:

Melt Unit: https://soundcloud.com/meltunit
KenKo Taiji: https://soundcloud.com/kenkotaiji
DJ Donna Summer: https://soundcloud.com/djdonnasummer
Ove NaXx: https://soundcloud.com/ovenaxx
Brain Rays: https://soundcloud.com/bizarrerituals
Ambivalence: https://soundcloud.com/ambivalence1
Captain Raveman: https://soundcloud.com/negrobeat
DJ California Crisis: https://soundcloud.com/thedjcaliforniacrisis
Gelido: https://soundcloud.com/gelid0