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Elevation & x.nte
Angel 93


  1. Elevation & x.nte – You Good
  2. Elevation & x.nte – Circuit Mode
  3. Elevation & x.nte – Mist
  4. Elevation & x.nte – We was surfing Bojangles
  5. Elevation & x.nte – M-YULI
  6. Elevation & x.nte – Bahama Noise
  7. Elevation & x.nte – 0.1
  8. Elevation – Flee the Scene
  9. Elevation – MetalFear3
  10. Elevation – Shit2getchamovin
  11. x.nte – element 6
  12. x.nte – fourth division
  13. x.nte – salvation grind

The internet, like music, is a concept that is constantly evolving. A river of data that never ends, snaking through the network of its user’s lives, expanding and doubling back on content, trends, and information and media of any type. That’s kind of what this album by Elevation & x.nte is like – an epic flow of (awesome) information.

Both Elevation and x.nte hail from Atlanta, Georgia and the producers share an affinity for ripped up breakbeats and dislocated samples. Angel 93 is comprised of solo tracks from each artist and collaborative tunes, creating a compilation that merges the two artists styles.

From the opening track of You Good, it’s immediate that the scope for these artists is just drawn on a wider palette. The tracks ricochet between references to Jungle, noise, youtube videos, hip-hop, sound effects, but it’s important to point out that the music is not about randomness. The sheer scale of archived information contained on the internet becomes an inspiration, and even a structure of source, but the music is directed and focused, just widely divergent at the same time. 

Perhaps even the term music isn’t really enough to categorize Angel 93 – maybe we should just referring to this as “media” and presume the visuals are supposed to follow along on our browsers.

Elevation on Soundcloud

x.nte on Soundcloud

Cover art by Mel aise: @drinkdnL

Watch the video for “You Good”: