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Dropping in on your mid-summer madness is mid-tempo breakcore beat masher SICKBOY with his new release: JURASSICKBOYS! Buckle up for a wild ride through the theme park where you’ll encounter all the dino-memes and tweens you’d expect plus ridiculous beat switch-ups and… is that …is that …a Tyrannopsytrance Rex?! From obscure to plain obvious, come along on a breakcore scavenger’s hunt filled with references to old, new and glorified pop culture. Heavy on the sample trigger while capturing the essence, this is vintage Sickboy material mashed together with hard-hitting brontosaurus beats in what might be his best work to date. As a free exclusive bonus track, the digital download comes with a weird ass Halloween banger, a megamix of some spooky tween hits stemming from Belgian pop culture.


All music by Sickboy Milkplus 2018.
Artwork by Droon.
Sampled, mashed, destroyed & rebuilt in Jurassick Park, Hollywood. Only action will define us. Thanks to Shawn, Jason, and William.

This is a collaborative release between Fukdup, Cock Rock Disco, and Breakcore Gives Me Wood.

Go and grab that yummy yellow vinyl!!!!!!!