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Wasted Festival Compilation


Released in collaboration with Mirex


1. Ślepcy – We Are The Newest Battle Models
2. Terminal 11 -Blow It Out Yer Fuck
3. Drop The Lime – Do It Now Kill
4. Rotator- Pump Diz Party
5. Jason Forrest – Sadist Hop
6. Duran Duran Duran – A God Among Men
7. Droon – Fuck The Underground
8. Sickboy – Sweat Shit And Die
9. Repeater – Dyslexic Funky Droid
10. Base Force One – More Violence
11. Curtis Chip – Chainsawpanda
12. Pure – Fight ‘Em
13. Noize Creator – Dying World
14. Geroyche vs. Society Suckers – Untitled
15. Shitmat – Insulting People Is Fun


>luca maini (contributor)/igloomag wrote:
(02.18.05) Nice breakcore compilation, brought to you by Mirex and Cock Rock Disco, selected by Pure and Jason Forrest to celebrate the two-night festival that took place in Berlin, February 4th and 5th, 2005. Each artist who played there showed their skills on this CD, some of them with exclusive material.
The most effective tunes come from the Peace Off guys. Rotator delivers an absolute smasher, a hardcore amen roller, while Repeater goes funky with a wicked mix of breakcore and James Brown samples. Keep your eyes peeled for a live Rotator CD mix on a french label (I hope to review it soon). There are some unmistakable sounds in here, like the trademark edit-core style of Terminal11 –faster than ever, with a sample of his forthcoming album on Phthalo –yes, it’s not the one on Cock Rock Disco. Sickboy continues his usual mashup of everything vs. gabba. At the moment I’m a bit tired of this stuff but I’m sure it will be widely enjoyed. Speaking of mashups, Droon brings a fresh touch with his “Fuck The Underground,” which assaults Snoop’s latest hit with noisy distorsions. I’m not a big fan of Shitmat but this time he produced a proper rinser, a bit Deathchant influenced and thus a dancefloor corker. Cristoph Fringeli (Base Force One) and Pure (of Ilsa Gold fame) represent the oldskool with two amen based tracks, while on a drum’n’bass tip we find Drop The Lime with his fractured beats and Curtis Chip with a sublime 8-bit exclusive hit.
The list goes on with Jason Forrest, Noize Creator, Society Suckers, Duranx3 and Slepcy. A nice and varied compilation overall, most of the tracks are not instant tunes but they show a wide spectrum of talents and, most sadly, they give you an idea of what you missed if, like me, you weren’t in Berlin for this festival. Damn.

>NMP / vital weekly #471 wrote:
Rumors say that the first weekend in February was pretty awesome in Berlin for everyone interested in noisy electronics. “Wasted” was the title of the breakcore mini-festival delivering two nights of fast and furious breakbeats and dancefloor destruction. If you are one of the unlucky ones (just like me!) that missed the event, you might be happy to know that German breakcore-label Mirex (daughter of Power Noise label Ant-Zen Recordings), has immortalized the event on this cd. It is a very nice and varied release with a wide spectrum of artists from the breakbeat underground. Highlights on the 15-track album come from Bass Force One as well as from Pure. Both artists deliver some excellent tracks of extreme darkside-oriented breakcore. Especially Pure (who in fact was the co-organizer of the entire Festival) impresses with the track titled “Figth ‘Em” consisting of icy noise-drones swirling inside a storm of aggressive Techstep-rhythms. Overall the quality level of the entire compilation is very high. If you are already familiar with the sound style of the Mirex-label you will know what to expect. If not, you’ll have to prepare yourself for 70 minutes of merciless Breakcore Noise-freakout.

>Jim Siegel / The Brainwashed Brain wrote:

This all-star lineup delivers sensory overload of the most pleasurable variety. Wasted reflects compilers Pure and, especially, Jason Forrest’s aesthetic of 200+ BPM breakcore mayhem and silliness. These tracks pack so much audio information into each measure that it’s truly overwhelming. Many of these jokesters keep up the breakneck pace for the entirety of their tracks. Terminal 11’s “Blow It Out Yer Fuck” deals out drumrolls that connect in the same way as fists repeatedly hitting a punching bag at rapid speed. Duran Duran Duran’s “A God Among Men” opts for a more martial arts inspired succession of kick drums, sharp snare blasts and synthesizer gurgles delivered from all directions. This relative newcomer seems to be the only contributor who understands that at twice the speed of most normal “songs” a minute and a half is sufficient time to deliver all the blows necessary to completely tire out anyone listening. By using the same samples over and over amongst splattered drum breaks, “Dyslexic Funky Droid” by Repeater wears out it’s welcome at about the two minute half-way point. Pure’s own contribution, “Fight ‘Em” stands out and warrants its seven and a half minute length by being a potent mixture of his relatively recent foray into abstract analog synthesizer explorations and his beginnings as one of breakcore’s originators. He uses extended sections of beatless frayed electronic circuitry to build up tension in between bursts of Amen break trickery. This use of dynamics lends the track a more composed feel, yet it doesn’t lack in sheer power. Curtis Chip’s “Chainsawpanda” is the most subdued track of the lot, with a steady 4/4 groove providing a solid backdrop for complex drum programming. Jason Forrest’s “Sadist Hop” is successful in that he paces himself a bit, starting out the track with a mid-tempo hip hop beat complete with funky piano loop. The former Donna Summer actually waits 25 seconds before attention defecit disorder takes over and causes him to throw drum fills from every imaginable source into the mix. Forrest’s skills at chopping samples into tiny crumb-size pieces allows him to get away with using source material such as the guitar riff from The Eagles “Life in the Fast Lane.” The juxtaposition of little reminders of the excesses of music’s past, rather than the mashing up of entire sections of instantly recognizable songs, with beat manipulation that is unmistakably current is what makes Forrest’s work unique and refreshing. Although some of these tracks may be forgotten years from now as genre exercises, in the present they collectively represent the sound of a new wave of skilled producers that don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to make music that is at once incredibly intricate and simply a perfect excuse for jumping up and down. – Jim Siegel

>Aurelio Cianciotta / Neural Magazine wrote:
Stridule testimonianze del mini-festival breakcore organizzato da Pure e Jason Forrest (Donna Summer) per il Club Transmediale 2005. Due gli eccitanti appuntamenti d’aspre elettroniche, fondendo gli aspetti sperimentali nella costruzione dei suoni all’energia pazza e debordante targata Cock Rock Disco. Beats martellanti, frementi, trilli difformi, un botto di nomi ben conosciuti ed estremamente inquieti: Slepcy, Terminal11, Drop The Lime, Rotator e poi Duran Duran Duran, Droon, Sickboy, Repeater, Base Force One, assieme ai due ‘curatori’ già citati ed infine Curtis Chip, Noize Creator, Geryoche vs Society Suckers e Shitmat. Questa la pattuglia di guastatori sonici all’attivo nella capitale tedesca. Chi si ferma è perduto. Un vero collasso, sollecitato da convulsioni hardcore punk e drum and bass, essenza rave ricontestualizzata in ambiti culturali ed artistici con un’ironia ed una gioia senza pari. Sequenze industriali, poliritmiche, sincopi e dissonanze tremule: il catalogo è questo. Prendere o lasciare.


This is the official festival compilation: Wasted, 2 nights of breakcore in berlin, feb 4th and 5th, 2005.



1 Ślepcy We Are The Newest Battle Models 4:53
2 Terminal 11 Blow It Out Yer Fuck 3:03
3 Drop The Lime Do It Now Kill 3:30
4 Rotator Pump Diz Party 4:36
5 Jason Forrest Sadist Hop 3:21
6 Duran Duran Duran A God Among Men 1:41
7 Droon Fuck The Underground 5:35
8 Sickboy Sweat Shit And Die 3:08
9 Repeater Dyslexic Funky Droid 4:24
10 Base Force One More Violence 4:11
11 Curtis Chip Chainsawpanda 3:30
12 Pure Fight ‘Em 7:30
13 Noize Creator Dying World 2:46
14 Geroyche vs. Society Suckers Untitled 3:33
15 Shitmat Insulting People Is Fun