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Lazer Thrash


After 3 years in the making and countless hours of programming, Cock Rock Disco is very proud to release the debut full-length release by Dev/Null. (Fun Fact: Cock Rock Disco was founded to release Dev/Null’s debut record back in 2002)

In our unbiased opinion, Lazer Thrash is one of the most advanced electronic albums ever created. Somehow it sounds musical and friendly while literally breaking the speed barrier of what is possible to sonically comprehend. Dev/Null throws in references to everything from grindcore to classic rave; chip tunes, space-jazz, and horror movie soundtracks –  you can even hum along to the songs despite their light-speed tempo.

Dev/Null’s unique sound has already won him a huge number of underground fans globally and he’s one of the best-known breakcore producers even though he has a limited release history. Listen / Download now and find out why.