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Food For Animals


Release Date: Feb 18th, 2008

For many, the current state of alt. Hip-hop has been, well, rather sad lately. It’s heroes either burned out or gone astray.  The ideology that filled so many notebooks with raps, now feels a bit mainstream; the music that moved so many young men with backpacks, now somehow stale. The labels that brought so much awesome music now, like so many, struggling to keep their heads above water. Some have said the movement is dead, but we know better. Hip-hop is something that can never die, and especially not now, when the world seems to be more screwed up than we thought it could be.

So it comes as our extreme pleasure to offer to you today what we think will be one of the most groundbreaking debut full-lengths in recent memory. Food For Animals, straight outta Washington DC, this power trio (Vulture V, Ricky Rabbit, aided now by Hy on vocals) deliver their first full-length full of busted speaker beats, bizarre noise-soundscapes and slammin raps delivered with every bit of force like the hurricane they fly through.

When Chuck D said “bring the noise” he had no idea noise like this was possible. The music, a combination of raw digital noise, elephant size beats, samples of everything from jazz to top-40 twisted, distorted, and distorted again. It’s loud as hell. It’s the noise music people spoke of in the 30’s.

Belly is a statement. A manifesto. A record that screams- literally- and pushes the listener around, it’s tough as hell, raucous, and actually might mean something in the long-term.


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