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DJ Donna Summer
Panther Tracks

Crock018 - Vrock10, Vrock16 in collaboration with Ad Noiseam

1. Rock Rock Rock
2. Get Down
3. Ratpack
4. Boomshakalaka
5. Get The F*ck Off
6. Peeper
7. Such Language
8. Screaming Divas
9. Wonder Years
10. Party People



He’s back! It’s been 2 years since Jason Forrest released his last full-length album, and 5 years since he’s released as Donna Summer. So now he’s back, this time with the slightly different moniker (DJ Donna Summer) and his first release for his own Cock Rock Disco label.

Just as “Shamelessly Exciting” was a record that mixed different genres into a new mash of sampled sounds, “Panther Tracks” is a record comprised of different styles of dance music made solely with the intention to get people moving! From Booty to Breakcore, Happy Hardcore to Hardstyle, Techno to B’more Club Music, Forrest has it in there!

Initially begun as a sort of remix record, “Panther Tracks” builds heavily on a variety of sampled heroes. One can hear Dj Chip and Dj Technics form the skeleton of more booty oriented tracks like “Peepers” and “Boomshakalaka”. While some live recordings (on cassette) of old-school Uk Breakbeat Rave festivals by DJ Slipmat, Ratpack, and Ellis D are reconstructed to make new Breakcore styled dance tracks. Traces of Hardstyle, Techno and a whole lot of Breakcore yield such gems as “Party People”, “Get Down” and “Rock Rock Rock”. No style too hard or too cheesy to learn from, “Panther Tracks” is like the ultimate Rave; it’s fun, slightly crazy, and will keep you dancing all night long.