New artist alert: Ambivalence

We’re super pleased to shine a spotlight on Ambivalence! Well, not on the state of ambivalence – though there clearly is quite a bit going around  – NO! We’re talking about the moniker of Mr. Bogdan Gajdučeňa, from Prague. Fans of the label no doubt caught his Ove Naxx remix last year and we’re pleased to… more

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Crockp3-048 / VROCK018 (8.27.2017)

It's been a hot minute since we last caught up with our man Desper, who if you didn't know was 1/2 of groundbreaking duo Slepcy. He was like, "I'm doing a new release on 12" and digital and we should collaborate on it, and it's super fast and you're gonna love it" and we were like, "Yup, we're in."

So this is a collaboration with his own Jebaćtyhihten Records, and you can click on the player to listen to/ buy the release on Bandcamp (

Here's the official press release: 

During the years of vinyl silence (last one as Slepcy on Alphacute/Hirntrust in 2009), Desper has been developing his own uneasy, difficult to describe style to find himself in less chaotic, but maybe, more danceable, bass driven sounds that begun to emerge on his last self-released digital PROTOLANGUAGE EP few years ago. Always looking for new sounds, trying to escape all possible cliches, he gives you his new release, DEMOLLYTION, on vinyl + digital. Enjoy!

released August 25, 2017 
This release is the first from JEBAĆTYHIHTEN RECORDS, catalogue number JEBAĆ01 and cooperation with COCKROCKDISCO RECORDS, catalogue number VROCK018. 
All tracks written and produced by Desper (Marcin Stefański) 2014-2016, except B2 - remix done by Desper for Jack From Hell‘s track written and produced by Jack From Hell (Darek Kociński) 2015. 
Frequencies lifted & cut down by LXC at Watta Sound. 
Gfx by Desper.
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