Terminal11 – There Is No End [Official Video]

If you know anything about Cock Rock Disco you probably know about Terminal 11 too. We’ve been proud to release his music regularly since 2005 and we’re doubly proud to share this new material as a split release with Naboa Music!

Here’s 8 incredible songs full of ultra-complex polyrhythmic explosion-beats like only he can make. Each track is a microcosm of razor sharp fragments sliced into chystaline structures of ever-evolving design – this time with a vaguely Acid feel.  DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE.

Check the amazing video created by Terminal 11 himself!

Author: Jason Forrest

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  1. Graeme says:

    Been loving his stuff since i first heard it way way back in the 2000’s. Always on it!! Love. x

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