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〜The End


0. the end.mp3
1. the self-deploying flower entity decomposes into quietude.mp3
2. a truncated.mp3
3. further ruminations on a theme from the first track of my last album.mp3
4. emotional subsistence.mp3
5. some sort of travel theme.mp3
6. gymnopedie-mothboy remix.mp3
7. autechnicolorschranz- jason forrest remix.mp3
8. crash up against the inevitable -Tatu on the sun Cardopusher mix.mp3

Amazing new full length album by our man Vorpal. Including his amazing opus, “the end” plus 5 more brilliant tracks of nostalgic breakbeat mayhem. Aslo included, 3 remixes by Mothboy, Cardopusher, and Jason Forrest. WOW!