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Kid Kameleon
Must Love Loops


Kid Kameleon
“Must Love Loops”

Kid Kameleon is a sort of witchdoctor on the one’s and two’s. He can mix every style of music flawlessly at any tempo with any sort of gear, blindfolded, without headphones, in zero-gravity, drunk and unconscious. Seriously, he’s THAT good. Now he’s made the ultimate B’more mix for CRD with more tracks crammed in than any other mix made in history.  “Must Love Loops” is destined to be a classic so you had better get in on the action now.

Kid Kameleon – Must Love Loops

01 Street Fighter In Da Ghetto DJ Tamiel
02 XR2 M.I.A.
03 Way More (Johnny Blaze Remix) Diplo
04 Soul Sonic Bmore Al Ripken Jr.
05 Rock It (Bird Peterson Chicago Kids)    Bird Peterson
06 No No No (Bmore Mix) Abducted
07 Hush Dat Fuss Dukey Man
08 The Episode KW Griff
09 Pussy Da Bomb Rod Lee
10 Pick ’em Up Griff & Booman
11 Let Me Clear My Throat Cousin Cole
12 He Kissed Me Club Theme Emynd & Bo Bliz
13 A Bit Patchy Club Theme Emynd & Bo Bliz
14 Peanut Butter DJ Jonny Blaze
15 Big Truck Kazey and Bulldog
16 Snap Yo Balti Kazey and Bulldog
17 Spell On You Dave Nada
18 Thunderstruck (Titts Remix) AC/DC
19 San Fran Top Billin
20 Wassup Wasuup ft RyeRye Diplo
21 Robot Club Rock DJ B-Stee
22 Every Day I’m Hustling (Sinden Remix) Rick Ross
23 Work Never Over Diplo
24 On & On (Titts Rmx) Tittsworth
25 Champion Junglist Sound (Jim Sharp Bmore Remix)
26 Humpty KW Griff
27 Papa (Got A Brand New Bag) DJ Eli