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Pure Sperm From The Evil Blood Of Techno


1. Demon Semon with Toxic Lipstick
2. Disconnect with Andre Na Line
3. Dence with Kt Spit
4. Nanical with Nani Satoshima
5. Beholder with Namin & Maruosa
6. Grindstone with Julzotron
7. Busu with Maruosa
8. Do X<3 with Doddodo
9. Love You with Kt Spit
10. Dense (DJ Donna Summer remix)

Sawing and demolishing laptops and making music on a sculpted oversized powerbook installation, YobKiss was conceived in 2006 as a performance piece for the Rotterdam based art collective Antistrot. Working in his studio in The Hague, Paul Börchers, aka YobKiss, crafted a extreme mixture of electronic music and live drums.

Besides exhibiting his art in Japan and Russia and in art fairs in New York and Miami, YobKiss was engaged in numerous performances playing live drums synchronised with music composed on vintage synthesizers.

From 2005 to 2009, he toured Japan and collaborated with Jason Forest (DJ Donna Summer), Bogulta, Maruosa, Acid Mother Temple, Suzuki Junzo, Doddodo, OvenaxX, Afri Rampo and more. As well as performing at various local parties and venues in his native Holland, other tours in Europe, USA and Russia included festivals such as  Lowlands, Wasted, Skiff, Dutch Punch, State X New Forms and Gocha Matsuri in the desolate mountains of Osaka where the underground scene of Tokyo and Osaka come together.

His debut album, Pure Sperm From The Evil Blood Of Techno, was released by Macaroni Records Japan in 2009 and is now released digitally on Jason Forest’s Cock Rock Disco label. It features international guest musicians; Nani of Bogulta (Osaka), Doddodo, (Osaka), Hamadaraka (Tokyo), Maruosa (Tokyo), Toxic Lipstick (Osaka/Brisbane), Kt Spit (Melbourne), Michiel of Nothing Done (Rotterdam) and a remix by DJ Donna Summer.

Produced by Remco de Jong (Clone Records) and José Saiote from underground Rotterdam dance scene, this debut album has been injected with a diverse influences ranging from 80’s disco to speed metal.
Macaroni Records 2009 [CD]
Cock Rock Disco 2010 [MP3]