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ヘデナー & Raveman


1. Night Drive 3:43
2. Sad Session Redux 3:30
3. Fotværk 2:39
4. Beer At The Park (Intermission)3:52
5. Eat And Rest 3:28
6. Juke It. Twerk It. Break It 3:14
7. You Already Know The Title 2:25

FOTVÆRK RÆV is a release that spans the globe – crafted by (Capt.) Raveman in Sweden and ヘデナー (aka Hedener) in Japan, inspired by Chicago footwork, UK rave, and the breakcore-jungle frenzy that we all love.  FOTVÆRK RÆV is a release that shuts up the haters and makes the dancefloor explode with 7 tracks of churning madness.  Maybe it’s the high hats drilling into your forehead or the bass hitting you in the gut, but your feet will hurt after this one.

But FOTVÆRK RÆV is far from a one trick pony, it’s like being at the rave, then chilling out a bit, then going back in for more. There’s an authenticity to these tracks that hooks you straight from the first time you hear it.

And don’t let the title fool you. No, it doesn’t read “footwork rave” – it says “Fotvärk Räv” which translates to “Foot Pain Fox” in Swedish, hahaha.

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Video by Minuek and Jason Forrest.