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Nero's Day At Disneyland
From Rotting Fantasylands


1 In Aisles
2 Civilizing People
3 No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments
4 Child Protective Services Theme Song
5 Charging Swarm Of Mousketeers
6 Everything Must Go
7 Death Parade Featuring Kevin Shields
8 Action Winter Journey
9 Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies
10 Eulogy For Nick Galvas
11 In Keyed Fantasy
12 Probably End Up Dead In A Ditch Somewhere
13 Plumes Of ATM Sinew
14 Vengeance In Cloudland
15 Sprawling Idiot Effigy

Nero’s Day At Disneyland is a triumphant and bombastic art techno project orchestrated by Brock Bousfield from Oakland, California. Blending haunted 15th century sacred music with a tangled mess of burnt out electronic noise with a crushingly huge sense of scope. Nero’s Day At Disneyland seems to cram together the entire musical history of the last 2009 years.

“From Rotting Fantasylands” is his opus and each of the 15 tracks contained have enough Sturm und drang to power an entire city. But it’s not just the speed of the music (although many of the songs go well above 200BPM) that is so exciting, rather Bousfield’s ability to layer his music with ideas, and melodies galore, and complex musical structures that deliver their impact on the listener. We promise you’ll be blown away!