Cock Rock Disco was started on July 15th, 2001 .
I started the label for 3 reasons:

1) to have fun
2) to release music by my friends and
3) to release music that constantly pushed the boundaries.

I’m proud to say that this agenda is more true today, 13 years later, than it ever was.

We are a completely independent record label that strives to release complex music whose subtlety is often overshadowed by it’s brazen recklessness.   We released our first album in 2004 and have released a lot of CD’s and viny’s since we started and we will continue to release a few vinyls now and into the future.

Cock Rock Disco is also a label that has focused much of it’s efforts on free music.
Starting in 2006 we promoted a free mp3 compilation by showcasing some of the best music by our artists and it received wide-spread praise and a massive amount of downloads. A few months later we began releasing high-quality full-length albums and we never looked back. We currently have over 400 tracks for free on our Soundcloud page, and you will find even more on this site.

The label did take some time off from 2010-2014, but as of Nov, 2014 we re-launched to archive our artists music, keep as much of it as possible completely FREE and of course to have fun. That’s rule #1 after all.

I want to thank Marlon Beijer for hosting and helping develop the new CRD site! As you can see, he’s done a hell of a job and will continue on as our “CTO” in addition to being generally helpful. (We also released an album by him in 2011 and a split EP in 2015.)  Please submit any bug reports to him (below). I also want to send a big shout-out to Greg Sadetsky for all his Cock Rock Disco support over the years, and to Josh Weihnacht for helping me establish the site back in the day. I really appreciate all the help guys!

If you want to volunteer to do something (make a video, artwork, PR, whatever) send me an email.

CRD is accepting demos. Please only send 1 or 2 of your best, most unique tracks and please make them awesome. Only links accepted.



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