At last! New Jason Forrest video – Subdivision


Go watch the INCREDIBLE new video my MARKUS X FIEDLER!!!!

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New Artists! Elevation & x.nte – You Good video

We’re SUPER excited to add Elevation & x.nte to our roster with an incredible new album called “Angel 93“!

Check out their amazing video for the first track – You Good! PUMPED

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New artist alert: Ambivalence

We’re super pleased to shine a spotlight on Ambivalence! Well, not on the state of ambivalence – though there clearly is quite a bit going around  – NO! We’re talking about the moniker of Mr. Bogdan Gajdučeňa, from Prague. Fans of the label no doubt caught his Ove Naxx remix last year and we’re pleased to finally bring you his self-titled first release for CRD. As for the music, it’s a complex mixture of jazz, speed-breaks and just a touch of drama. I can hear a link to our dear friend Nero’s Day At Disneyland in the mix, but I think that comes from a shared love of complex melodies and structures. Go check it out and please spread the word!


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Ove NaXx – Wabisabi Violence (KenKo Taiji Remix) [Official Video]

The suuuuper crazy video for the fantastic new Remix Album: “Bullets From Habikino City HxCx: The REMIXES” featuring the blistering track by Kenko Taiji!!

Cover by Droon
Video by Martin Sülzenbach


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Terminal11 – There Is No End [Official Video]

If you know anything about Cock Rock Disco you probably know about Terminal 11 too. We’ve been proud to release his music regularly since 2005 and we’re doubly proud to share this new material as a split release with Naboa Music!

Here’s 8 incredible songs full of ultra-complex polyrhythmic explosion-beats like only he can make. Each track is a microcosm of razor sharp fragments sliced into chystaline structures of ever-evolving design – this time with a vaguely Acid feel.  DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE.

Check the amazing video created by Terminal 11 himself!

Author: Jason Forrest