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Bunk 2:02
Clap your head 3:36
Fish alert 3:29
Plus 2:56
Red powder 3:13
Hélices 4:00
Christian Michel 2:24
Ours 2:58
Grossmutter anthem 3:58
Monkey bitch 1:30
Clean Team 4:44
Force 50 000 3:21
World record 3:32
Street moves 2:56
Urgency 3:15
Moon dogs 4:11
Cook the shit 1:24

The Parisian Debmaster disseminates his crisp yet warped sid-chipped music like a responsible Crunk scientist. Full of humor as well as mean-beats, this 17 track album, Grossmutter, is like a PHD in musical chemistry. Add 2 parts melted electro to 1 part sci-fi movie sound effects and distill with the help of Leisure Suit Larry, and you’re getting close. Infect your friends! It hurts so good!