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Melt Unit
Get Melted


1. Ravework
2. Switch
3. Burning The Club
4. Get Melted
5. Speedwork
6. Here’s Johnny (Melt Unit Remix)
7. Sadface Acid ft. DF0:BAD


It’s time for a new sound and Melt Unit has it!  Here’s 7 tracks packed with speed and inspired by classic jungle, but with a contemporary twist that feels both refreshing and infectious. It’s as if the often discussed “potential” of re-visiting the Drum and Bass past finally became the futuristic present where each slamming snare collides with an identity born and raised in post-media pop. All genres are present, yet none take over. When the patterns show themselves, they are with different sounds. Like a cassette tape melted in the sun to create something entirely different.

Hailing from Sydney Australia, this is the first release by Melt Unit. We have a feeling his name will spread far and wide.

Since this release is free, we ask that you please share it and donate to the artist if you can.

Additional vocals by MC Dos Hamez and Melt Unit
Mastered by b.i.n.t.
Art by Homesick
Logo by Source Invisible
Video by Jason Forest